Renewable energy sources demonstration

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Renewable energy sources demonstration

Where: Electrical Engineering Building, Sir William Tyree Laboratory


A hybrid energy system is generally consisted of a primary renewable source working in parallel with a standby secondary non-renewable module and storage units so that they can be backup each other. Remote hybrid energy systems employing renewable energy offer an attractive and practical approach to meet electrical power need in rural communities around the globe. The advantage of a hybrid system is that, when one power source is at low levels the other source is usually at higher levels. For example, on a cloudy, windy day when solar panels are producing lower levels of energy a wind generator may be producing a lot of energy. Similarly, to use a wind generator effectively requires a location, which has a certain amount of wind on a regular basis. Based on what you have learnt on variable renewable energy sources and energy storage in the previous labs, in this experiment, you will use them to build a hybrid energy system to constantly provide power for a consumer. Furthermore, you will investigate and optimize the hybrid system for different loads.


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