Lab-in-a-phone for internet-of-things applications

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Lab-in-a-phone for internet-of-things applications

Where: PNR Building, Learning Studio 316


The Lab-in-a-Phone project demonstrates a smartphone-based Internet-of-Things compatible, low-cost optical sensing instrumentation for enabling ubiquitous detection and quality assessment of various biological, environmental and agricultural chemicals on spots. Traditional technologies rely on the use of non-portable benchtop instruments in a laboratory to where samples must be transported. Smartphone is an easily accessible, portable, and inexpensive alternate solution. A number of smart sensing device including smartphone spectrometers, smartphone optical fiber spectrometers, and a smartphone laser beam profiler have been demonstrated under this project. A recent example, the unique fluorescence band of extra virgin olive oil measured by the smartphone is used to allow distinction between low quality olive oils and extra virgin Australian olive oils. In another example, fruit quality is assessed directly through component spectral bands of Australian Pink Lady apples. In another previous demonstration, the technology has been used to measure drinking and environmental water quality from different locations across Sydney and produce a real-time map of water quality on a central computer via wireless data collection capabilities.

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