The city of light (demonstration of information transmission)

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The city of light (demonstration of information transmission)

Where: Electrical Engineering Building, Sir William Tyree Laboratory


In this hands-on teaching demonstration, we investigate some of the principles of a WDM (wavelength division multiplexed) transmission system. The use of WDM technology enables over 1Tb/sec (1 Terrabit = 1000 Gigabits) data rates over single strand of optical fiber. While we won't get those data rates in this demonstration (OH&S reckons that going blind due to infrared lasers and working with glass are kind of dangerous) we will be using visible LED's and plastic optical fiber (which are a lot safer) to create a slightly slower WDM link. You can try some of the activities in this demonstration including measuring optical power, terminating the fiber, building a coupler, observing crosstalk and measuring loss. 

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